No .. You can transfer from any bank account either in your name or in any other name such as your friend's account, you can also go to any bank branch of the banks we deal with and deposit the amount. In the process of filing, you need to take the civil ID card only and fill out a form in the bank dedicated to the deposit and submit it to the bank employee .. The process will not take more than 5 minutes Habit.

No .. The shipping value is fixed regardless of the number of games, and if the shipping value is higher than in the store, we bear the additional costs and do not carry anything extra.

When the shipment arrives, the shipping company will contact you and send a text message with the details of the shipment.

If you choose FedEx or Aramex Shipping (currently dealing with Aramex) and your address is clear you can ask them to deliver the shipment to your home or work place or where you want.